Should I Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy, especially as the first means for men and women, a change in their relationship – including their sexual relationship. At the beginning of the first pregnancy sex is associated primarily with uncertainty. Almost every pair arises at any time the two questions “Are we allowed?” and “Shall we?” Can sex harm the unborn baby? May inadvertently trigger labor? Diseases can be transmitted? These are the questions that involve the expectant parents. In general: Sex during pregnancy is not a problem. You can do whatever makes you both enjoy. Even more violent collisions can not harm the baby. They felt like the vibrations of pregnancy exercise. With a growing belly many pregnant women feel the missionary position (woman down, man above) to be unpleasant. The lateral position, if a man and woman facing each other on their sides or the spoon position, in which the man behind the women are often perceived as pleasant. Your imagination is the limit, provided you do both. Caution is advised when a tendency to early miscarriage and premature labor exists or use. In addition, you should not miss use of condoms during pregnancy. They protect the unborn child and his mother from infection. The doctor’s orders to not having sex while pregnancy only eight percent of couples are affected. Mental stress In general, it is also not about physical problems when couples have during pregnancy difficulties with sex. Many people tend to play mind tricks. Many pregnant women, particularly women, who for the first time are expecting a baby, during pregnancy and with all the changes going on in her body, are so affected that sex for they do not exist anymore. It is a pleasure from another world to which people with no thought. Also, the partners often have to live with the fact that he is temporarily no longer as important as ever. For men, the pregnancy is not easy. They must take to be ready, that they connect to the baby in the background, the other is changing course, the partner and physically. In addition, be that both women and men become aware through the first pregnancy, they tend to have responsibility for another person. Especially men in the face of this responsibility falls on angst. The question is whether we can fill the parental role properly, haunts the minds. And last but not least, of course, creates the responsibility for the baby for my two-person relationship a certain obligation – you can not sneak away. All of these mental-emotional stress can certainly cause you have some time not in the mood for sex. But that does not mean you have to do without tenderness and physical proximity – on the contrary, they provide comfort and stability. And do not worry: if you are prepared that something changes, you are more capable of dealing with it. A survey by the magazine “Parents” has also shown that almost one in three women during pregnancy had more desire than ever before. But it can also be quite different. Important: Discussion It is very important here to stress this out: Everything is much easier when you talk about it. A woman should remember that a man can not ultimately be able to feel the same as them. He just is not pregnant. He can not know how his wife is actually what she feels, what she fears. Maybe he can imagine it, but ultimately he has to rely on that they let him participate in the pregnancy, her feelings and desires. Conversely, men should still open about their own concerns and fears. If you are able to open up during the pregnancy a spouse or a partner, the relationship of your pregnancy also do well. Doctors and sexual counseling experience again and again that prevails between the partners and thus just speechless in certain situations (and this is now pregnant again!) Experience the greatest problems. Please advise.. “Talking, talking, talking… is the best I can recommend what you often get couples just during pregnancy in a real vicious circle of silence, the man got married out of respect not to ask the woman thinks he. they would find no more attractive and pulls back, making him again confirmed in his reticence and even of no return -. unless you’re talking about it. ” And a word to the men: There is no rule for sex during pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different. Every woman is different. Go to the wishes of your wife. Your wife is indeed the same as before pregnancy, but considered only superficially. The hormonal changes and physical changes are not without traces. Women are more sensitive during pregnancy cry more often, are more nervous, suffer from sleep disorders and the like. Therefore, the emotional involvement of the partner’s very important for pregnant women. You must know that she is loved, even if she just does not feel like having sex. And remember, sex is not always the same sex or penetration. Cuddling, petting and displays of affection are also included.

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